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About Us

The making of Cambodia Town

A journey of a refugee kid…
Long before this town had a name, many families in the late 70’s and early 80’s, which were survivors of the Killing Field, settled in Long Beach. My family was amongst these, and the early life in this newly-found world was surprisingly difficult as our cultural misunderstandings and differences clashed with other ethnic groups that often escalated to life or death situations. We fought to survive for the right to live with hope for a better future. In those hard times, alliances forged, sacrifices were made, and lives were lost while defending this stretch of corridor, the infamous Anaheim Street, which eventually paved the way and gave birth to Cambodia Town.
As memories are lost through happier and more peaceful times, this restaurant serves as a tribute to and salutes heroes of the era. UDOM KHMER, a restaurant by design but built to promote Khmer Pride, uniting community and tradition through food, entertainment, and venue.